Blog Post: Is A Mailing List Really Important?

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Anyone who owns an online business will tell you that a mailing list is EXTREMELY important to your business. Think about it … Social Media is a tricky phenomenon. Both Facebook and Twitter have an algorithm that manipulates your post or tweets that are being seen. That reason right there along with the fact that all of your friends and followers are never in a billion years going to be online at the same exact time that you post an update means you have to find a better solution that will get your campaigns viewed.

For those of you that do not have many fans or followers, you are hugely at a disadvantage to competitors who are more known. That is why when starting out it is definitely extremely important for you to have a mailing list. Once you send that email it will be in their inbox forever. (At least until they check and delete it.) If your message or update is in their inbox they will have to view it at some point even if they don’t act on your email.

Here are two mail list providers that I have personally used and will recommend to anyone who asks:

Mailchimp: This is a good free mailing list that I used when I first got started. You can get up to 2,000 subscribers and 20,000 in the forever free plan. It may not seem like much but it’s just enough to get started. You can start building a good solid brand with the forever free package. Once you move up in subscribers and you start sending out more and more emails you can move up to a plan that can handle your email campaigns.

Aweber: Once I started getting more and more subscribers I switched over to Aweber. It has quite a bit more features than Mailchimp and it offers solid results at solid prices. I found that when I switched over Aweber had a better delivery rate for my emails. Mailchimp seemed to get more emails caught up in spam even though I was not offering anything or selling anything. Another thing that I like about Aweber is that they have excellent customer support. They offer phone support, chat, and email support which is always a win-win.

Both of these options have served me well within the different stages of my company and I am very proud to vouche for either of them.

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