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When you are starting an internet business we all know that your brand is very important. Even more important than your brand reputation is your brand recognition. To have customers and a comfortable lifestyle people must know how you are in the first place.

How do I do that you may ask?

First things first having a signature in all of your creations is essential. You may hear or see a few different aliases for a signature some of which may be a voice tag, a beat tag, a vocal tag, a voice over, a DJ drop. A voice signature is a short saying or phrase that often repeats throughout the musical composition to let listeners know who created the body of work. Examples of which include the Maybach Music tag that you hear on all of Rick Ross’s songs. Another example would beat the dark child tag you hear on all of Rodney Jerkins beats. When you hear either one of those signature’s your immediate know who is associated with that beat or song.

Why is people knowing my brand important?

Think about it like this…. What if one of your beats go viral how do you expect the listener to know you made it. How do you expect people to come to you to purchase other beats if they like your style of music? You can solve that problem easily and quickly by getting a signature. It offers you some protection and it lets people know who made the beat. It’s a win-win for you as a producer. If you are just starting out I strongly urge you to get a beat tag to place in your music compositions.

To get a voice tag click here.

That is not the only step that you need to take to solidify your brand but it’s definitely a start. We will be writing more articles on the subject. If you ever have suggestions on a post you would like to see us write. Feel free to send us a message. You can either use the contact form or you can email us at

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